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All inclusive course that teaches you the foundations of mindset work:


1. Getting Clear With Desired Result

2. Mindset Work

3. Formulating A New Focus

4. Techniques & Persisting

5. Communication & Solutions


This workshop includes a 25-page Workbook, Seven Self-Concept Templates and over Four Hours of exclusive content to accompany you in creating desirable changes in your life. 


Templates Included:

1. Trust In Relationships

2. Communication In Relationships

3. Clarity In Relationships

4. Conflict Resolution In Relationships

5. Commitment In Relationships

6. Self Concept In Love (Attracted To Men)

7. Self Concept In Love (Attracted To Women)


Workshop VIDEOS and ADDITIONAL MATERIAL will be shipped via EMAIL within 48 hours of purchase. Please make sure you enter the correct email and double-check it before completing the order. 

Love Mastery Workshop

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