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creating loving connections that last 



My name is Dylan James, and I am a mindset coach that specifically focuses on formulating an approach to create or fix romantic connections.  I have a passion for helping others achieve the loving relationship they deserve, and I do this through creating an honest environment that provides straight-forward feedback and guidance. My number one goal is to ensure that my client's feel heard, seen, and safe during a session. Because mindset work requires vulnerability, I strive to make each connection with a client personal through heightened awareness and open-ended questions. In order for a massive transformation to occur, you will need to be able to observe your experiences through a different perspective. It is my job to provide that non-bias perspective and formulate an approach that leads to success. Together, we work together to get to the root of your circumstance's causation, what your desired outcome is, and how to cultivate the mindset that materializes that outcome.

Love Yourself
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Very limited one-on-one sessions available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not able to book a session, there are affordable workshops to purchase under the "shop" tab.

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